Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This Sunday at youth group was our 3rd annual Man-Lympics; a competition of rugged masculinity. Because of Title 9 we allowed females to participate as well, and also enjoyed shaming all the boys that they beat.
Here's how it worked:

-Dr. Pepper chugging
-Sawing (like, an actual board)
-Washer Tossing
-Football catching
-Sunflower seed spitting
-Written portion

Here's the written portion: How much man are you?

2008 Man-Lypics Written Portion

1.The latest installment of Batman opened up this last weekend, name the 5 actors who have played Batman: (1 point for each, 1 bonus point for correct order)

2.Recently, auto makers have redesigned classic cars for the 21st century, name one such vehicle:

3.Let’s say you’re shopping for a new pair of shorts. Do you:
a. Look at 7 different stores, trying on multiple shorts per store
b. Ask your Mom or Girlfriend or Sister to pick some out
c. Go without wearing any shorts at all
d. Go to your “usual store” hit up the sale rack and find your size

4.How much milk does the Kraft Mac N’ Cheese box call for?

5.You have an 18 gallon gas tank in your car. At half empty, you decide to fill up (because it makes you feel like you’re spending less money on gas). You’ve also kept track of the miles you’ve driven since last fill up; if you’ve traveled 167 miles, how many McDonalds double cheeseburgers could you buy with the same amount of money?

6.The PS3 was widely touted for what new technology?

7.Name 5 AC/DC songs (1 point per song, bonus points for listing Band Members):

8.What team originally drafted Albert Pujols?

9.One of your friends discovers something in the fridge that stinks, almost to the
point of causing vomiting. He offers you a sniff. Do you:
a. Scream “you’re crazy!” and run out of the room
b. Walk over to whatever is causing the stench and inhale deeply
c. Start crying
d. Pretend to sniff and fake a reaction, but you were really holding your breath

9. What color was Mace Windu’s light saber?

10. What does PSI stand for?

11. Who was the world series MVP in 2002?

12. If you ordered a whopper, what restaurant would you be at?

13. Name one reason Chuck Norris would kick your butt:

14. Which is the better burrito the size of your head: Chipotle or Q Doba?

15. Fill in the blank: ___________ is awesome.
a. Saying “dude” a lot
b. Nickel back
c. Buying shampoo
d. Accessorizing
e. Wearing Crocs

Choose the more manly:
16. Rambo: First Blood or T2
17. Alien VS Predator: Good movie, or Bad movie
18. 1080p or 1080i
19. Chrysler Seabring Convertible or 89 Toyota Corolla
20. Arts or Crafts
21. Fresca or Diet Coke
22. Mowing the Grass or Tending the garden
23. On thanksgiving: Falling asleep watching football or shopping
24. HDMI or Composite Video
25. Flower Bouquets or Big Screens

Manly, Yes or No:
26. Speaking in public restroom
27. Using a napkin for cheeto dust
28. Climbing trees
29. Having a “shopping date”
30. Using a fork to eat a chicken wing
31. Subwoofers
32. Concern for the environment
33. Veggie Pizza
34. Snapple
35. Spitting
36. Facial Hair

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