Monday, July 14, 2008


Hello friends.

Last week was a great time. The group from our church was small but mighty and we joined over 100 other folks to help rebuild the City of Greensburg, which was 95% destroyed after an F-5 tornado in May of 2007.

Here's some websites to check out:

The Lope (photogrophers blog, REALLY powerful before and after shots) (Local Greensburg attraction) (a site about the initiatives in Greensburg)

We helped to improve some homes that had failed inspection to get them to the next level. Ate some BBQ on the way over, did some good work, and caught some frogs. All in all, we were very blessed.

The most powerful part of the week was hearing the stories of the people there. The army core of engineers came in after the tornado and basically said they should bulldoze the town and forget about it. But the people didn't want to leave their home. Not only are they rebuilding, but Greensburg is the only city in the US to pass an ordinance that any new public buildings must be constructed using LEED certification. Pics:

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Steve Ballmer said...

I been to greensburg, I liked it