Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Normally Don't Do This...

I've been "tagged". This means i'll post the same information that the person who tagged me posted. Call me a tool. This is the first time i've responded to anything like this, except for that chain letter in the 3rd grade...speaking of I still haven't gotten my three wishes.

Anyways, here it is:

Four jobs I've had in my life:
Mercanary-style babysitter/lawn mower.
Cape Girardeau Recreation Dept. Pool Concessions Stand
Youth Intern at various church's
Director of Youth Ministries, Ellisville UMC

Four Movies I could watch repeatedly (and have):
Mystery Men
Batman Begins
Lord of the Rings
Karate Kid II: The Story Continues

Four Places I have lived:
I'm going to list them all actually...
Memphis, MO. Centralia, MO. St. Peters, MO. Cape Girardeau, MO. Fayette, MO. Greenwood, MO. Jefferson City, MO. Houston, TX. Ellisville, MO. Lot's of time spent in Sedalia, MO and O'Fallon, IL as well, but technically did not live there. So now you know why my car is always so nasty.

Four TV shows I love to watch:
Pardon the Interuption
King of Queens
Arrested Development/Seinfeld on DVD

Four Places I have been on Vacation:
Brason, MO.
Gulf Shores, AL.
Panama City, FL.
Los Angeles, CA (coming in May)

Four Websites I visit daily: (Sarah makes fun of me because I compulsively check the news part...its true)

Four Favorite Restaurant Foods:
Chipotle Burritos
Flat Branch Buffalo Wings
Taco Bell Frito Burrito
Jack in the Box Tacos

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
Sitting on my couch at home in KC consuming the beverages and food that my family has bought in preparation for my arrival
Panama City Beach
At a concert with Sarah
Working at Ellisville UMC, instead of being at school

(i'm adding one) Four Things that Make Me Mad:
People who smack their food
When my dog doesn't listen to me
People who are awkward to talk to on the phone
Not seeing the purpose in things i'm forced to do

People I'm Tagging:
Sarah Hoormann
Kelly Mustoe
Andy Bryan
Brad Bryan
(the Bryan's are tagged by me and Adam Caldwell now, so maybe they'll feel the pressure)


Adam Caldwell said...

Funny...sorry to pin this on you. I didn't want to ruin the "fun." My uncle did it.

My mother was not refering to me as bro, although that would have been funny, she was refering to Brother Todd. That's what we called our pastor in Ohio when we lived there.

I am ordering the tickets now.

Adam Caldwell said...

Hey...Forgot to tell you that I am dissapointed Corams didn't make your list. Don't diss the Heavenly Hash like that man.

Merciless God said...

Four ways I will smack you if I discover you are doing this instead of studying...
1) Report your car as stolen...
2) Cancel your credit card...
3) Put a virus in your computer...
4) Pray that only 19 people go with you to LA...

sarah said...

well, i guess i'll just put this here since i was tagged :)

Four jobs I've had in my life:
random baby sitting jobs
assemble line worker... bleck...
cashier at Lowe's (improving home improvement)
secretary work at ConQuest Builders

Four Movies I could watch repeatedly (and have):
hm... What about bob, but only with my mom. she makes the movie. :)
sleepless in seattle with the mooch.
the wedding date.
anything on the air mattress.

Four Places I have lived:
uh, Ferguson MO, LaSalle IL, a holiday in in a town a few miles from LaSalle that i forget now, a different house in LaSalle, and O'fallon IL.

Four TV shows I love to watch:
CSI with the roomie.
uh, thats it. i dont watch tv.

Four Places I have been on Vacation:
Orange county CA (when i was really little)
Brason, MO.
somewhere with a beach in florida. i dont remember where, but it was beautiful.
Los Angeles, CA (coming in May)
and... ONE DAY i shall go to maine. and australia.

Four Websites I visit daily:
my school's web page...
and, uh, facebook?

Four Favorite Restaurant Foods:
anything pasta. i love pasta. :)
anything icecream. i love icecream.:)
tacos from chipotle
....i cant think of another... i just like food.. :)

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
on the stage performing.
at home in my basement with all of my family, a fire in the fireplace, and mom's food.
At a concert with adam
on a sunny beach. mmm.

Four Things that Make Me Mad:
feeling stressed.
people doing stupid things in my dorm building.
forgetting about the peace God offers.

so, thats that. :)

Adam Caldwell said...

Feb. is now the 15th