Friday, August 18, 2006


Ok, so thanks to my girlfriend and Dustin for your nice comments. In the future I don't plan on using my blog like a personal therapist, but it's important to put your true feelings out there right?

I've been reading Brian McLaren's book The Secret Message of Jesus. It's great, and I promise it's not as provacative as it sounds. Well, maybe it is but not in a 'Da Vinci Code' sense but in a 'holy crap we've really been missing the point' sense.

Somehow I found it easier to read books ABOUT following Jesus, ABOUT reading the Bible rather than the Bible itself. I have used the Bible for my purpose, to extract a lesson so I can look wise. This is much different than ernest reflection and prayer. Gimme grace baby! Thats changed within the past three days though, and i'm hyped about our high school retreat this weekend. I'm also sad because my girlfriend leaves for school Sunday, and I won't be there. I told her I feel like Robin Williams character in the beginning of Hook.

So, it's a big weekend.


Adam Caldwell said...

I say throw in the bag and head to seminary. That's what I did. Actually, I am missing the gig in St. Joe. I think that's a good thing. The grass is always greener right? I'll pray for you and your kids this weekend.

Anonymous said...

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