Monday, August 07, 2006

Open letter to Interlinc:

Dear Interlinc,

I guess at some point in time my church was a big subscriber to your services, as I have recieved your 6th letter urging us to renew our subscription. Unfortunately, your attempts to be cute have backfired. "Missing Youth Worker" milkbox pictures and "Youth Worker Abducted by Aliens" headlines on papers that don't exist really aren't appealing, in fact they're just plain lame.

The reason I haven't renewed our subscription is not because I am missing or have been taken captive by martians, no, it's because I don't think the newest Jaci Velasquez album with accompanying devotion are crucial to the ministry here. Frankly, the material is contrived and some of the music is of less than desireable quality.

So, there it is. I know you guys do good work, we're just not looking to pay hundreds of dollars for dime-a-dozen Christian bands and devotionals that are a bit of a stretch. I'm sure Interlinc is a great part of lots of ministries, just not ours. So sending me multiple mailings every month is a lot like a desperate dude that won't accept rejection.

I admire your persistance and consistancy, I do not admire cutesy attempts to get me to pay for something I don't need.

Respectufully Submitted,