Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So, I know that this is sociologically inscensitive (sp?) as i'm defining the male gender role, but here's a man-test that we gave out at recent Guys Night with Youth Group. I'll post the answers later. Enjoy!

1. How many razor blades does the new Gillete Fusion contain?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6

2. How often would you say you use the word “dude” on a daily basis?
a. Never
b. Accidentally, sometimes
c. Ocassionally/Socially
d. Dude, all the time!

3. Which of these is an awesome car?
a. 2003 Gold Chevy Malibu
b. 1962 Camarro
c. 2005 Mini-Cooper complete with British Flag Paint Job
d. 2000 Mercury Cougar

4. Which of these would you rather eat?
a. Double cheese burger, onion rings, ice cold carbonated beverage
b. A lovely House Salad
c. Whatever Mommy is fixing for dinner
d. Pizza that is cold/left out on the counter/been sitting in a car for a day

5. You become King of the World, what is your first order of business?
a. Use your power to proclaim cheap summer drinks all year round
b. Declare your birthday national pick a flower day
c. Celebrate your victory over tea and crumpets
d. Delegate all your responsibilities and just play Xbox all day

6. What did you think of “The Notebook”
a. Never saw it
b. Chick flick, wouldn’t watch it if you paid me
c. I cried, but tried to hide it
d. I wept openly and now own two copies, incase something happens to one

7. True or False: Although the game that bears his name is cool, John Madden is in
fact, annoying.

8. Name three Stallone movies, no sequals:

9. If a girl tells you that you’re behaving belligerently you:
a. Say “thanks!”
b. Pontificate what aspects of your conduct she could be assessing, and consider change
c. Scratch your head and drool a little bit
d. You didn’t hear her in the first place

10. Yes or No: Butter on movie popcorn

11. Yes or No: Trips to the bathroom in groups

12. Yes or No: Picking your nose if no one is looking

13. Yes or No: Mope heads

14. Yes or No: Celine Dion cell phone ring tone

15. Yes or No: Chili Dogs

16. True or False: ESPN stands for entertainment and sports programming network

17. True or False: Viscosity refers to The degree to which a fluid resists flow
under an applied force

18. True or False: An alternator starts up your car while the battery keeps the engine

19. Fist pound or high five?

20. Cheetos or Pringles?

21. Superman or Batman?

22. Rock-Paper-Scissors or Rock-Paper-Scissors-Shoot!

23. Blonde tip highlights or Facial hair?

24. Building stuff or Breaking stuff?

25. AC/DC or Nickelback?

26. Let’s say you’re shopping for a new pair of shorts. Do you:
a. Look at 7 different stores, trying on multiple shorts per store
b. Ask your Mom or Girlfriend or Sister to pick some out
c. Go without wearing any shorts at all
d. Go to your “usual store” hit up the sale rack and find your size

27. When approaching the urinals with some random dude using one, do you:
a. Opt for a stall even if there’s a wait
b. Take the open urinal, but keeping silent with eyes forward
c. Make conversation with the stranger next to you
d. You don’t use public restrooms because of choices like these

28. The Final Countdown is:
a. A masterpiece
b. Cheesy, but fun to sing
c. Nauseating
d. The new years eve ball drop

29. Which of these gifts to you prefer?
a. Cologne
b. Straight Cash Homey
c. Something practical/useful (tool set, clothes, etc)
d. Gift Cards

30. One of your friends discovers something in the fridge that stinks, almost to the
point of causing vomiting. He offers you a sniff. Do you:
a. Scream “you’re crazy!” and run out of the room
b. Walk over to whatever is causing the stench and inhale deeply
c. Start crying
d. Pretend to sniff and fake a reaction, but you were really holding your breath

31. There are __ lugnuts on a 17inch tire.

32. In Star Wars, I liked Anakin best as:
a. That cute little boy
b. The long haired rebellious Jedi
c. Darth Vader, dark lord of the Sith
d. That blue Ghost at the end of Return of the Jedi

33. When faced with inescapable public flatulence do you:
a. Cough to cover it up
b. Endure the pain and hold it
c. Crop-dust
d. Test the waters


Adam Caldwell said...

Thanks for the shout out on question 25. Dru and I appreciate it.

Dru laughed the whole way through.

Alex Williams said...

What a glorious night that was.