Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stupid Street Names

You know somethin that makes me mad?

Stupid street names. In the suburban sprawling area of west st. louis county there are endless neighborhoods that each try to have some disctinct and presitgious name but they all end up sounding dumb and synonomous- Cherry Hills, Wild Horse Creek, Pine Tree Club, etc. There's no cherry trees or wild horses or some exclusive club, only names. But then you've got these lame street signs that are actually in no way descriptive and meant as some sort of enticing advertisement for those who don't live there when you see it on an envelope or phonebook or whatever.

The one that kills me is the one thats on my way to church. Thunderhead Canyon Dr. Come on. Sounds more like the new Indiana Jones sequal than a normal suburban street. Another bad one is in Kansas City where my family lives- Rolling Dr. It's actually a very flat street about 200 yards long with about 5 different types of houses symetrically built on either side of it. Nothing rolling about it. I dunno, somethin to rant about I guess. It's just when you pass by street after street named after something dubiously nature-esque, Thunderhead Canyon is really funny.


Anonymous said...

Some useless information about your stupid street names:
- Wild Horse Creek Rd. is actually from a geographical term because it travels alongside and numerous times crosses over Wild Horse Creek. At the time when the creek was named, there were wild horses in that vicinity.
- Cherry Hills is named after a country club
- Thunderhead Canyon... well I have always liked that one, too. The street after it is Sundowner Drive, which for some reason is also funny.

Anonymous said...

well my street name is pretty stupid! its ailanthus....thats a tree in China. umm not in America. ha!

Barb said...

I would much rather live on any of those streets than on Queen Jean Drive in Arnold, MO. (My previous address..don't ask!)

Are there even any queens named Jean??

The Millers-Because we like it Original! said...

Which brings me to one of my favorite bumper sticker quotes:

"Suburbia is where you cut down trees and name streets after them."