Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Grooming Mishaps

So, it's been a rough couple days grooming wise for me. Yesterday my bag-o stuff fell into the toilet, Friday I forgot to adjust the beard trimmer and shaved a line of hair practically off my face.

But the kicker was last Thursday. I go into Great Clips for a haircut. I understand that this is a gamble. So I sit down after waiting for a little while, no big deal. Then the stylist and I have the conversation where I can never remember what guard I am for her clipper thingies and I can't effectively communicate what I want done to my hair.

Ever that dance was over she begins to describe to me how she doesn't have her Great Clips stylist training updated. She doesn't have her "refresher course" but she's been "cutting hair for years". A moonshine stylist, great. So this 60 some year old woman named Claudette is cutting hair all over the place while I can't see a thing due to not having my glasses on.

To make a long story short, she ends up calling for backup from the other stylist; they actually do a decent job, although it was quite the eventful haircut. Which took 45 minutes by the way. Upon finishing our client/stylist transaction she says to me:

"Well, it looks better than when you came in here. You looked like an ape from the stoneage."

I can't top that. Peace.


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