Thursday, August 31, 2006

Snakes On A Blog

Well, I've done it. I saw Snakes On A Plane. I have to tell you, this movie to me represents much of the struggle of my life. Not really the movie itself, but rather the metaphysical issues it represents.

Let me get this out of the way: It was awesome. I laughed, was repulsed, and even jumped a couple times. Also I should note that the folks I went with were all from my church; 4 of which are on staff. Others included friends, roomates, youth group volunteers, and the chair of our evangelism committee. Thats pretty freaking cool. It was us and 2 other people in the whole theatre, oh ya, and they had a baby with them. Thats another topic for another day. I digress.

What I love about the movie is it's self-effacing nature. The title is so ridiculous yet so appropriate. The plot is so stupid yet encompasses two very common phobias- snakes.....and planes! The acting is so cheesy yet so perfect. The characters are totally off the shelf yet we would be outraged with needless development. Somehow you've got to think that this whole thing is tounge in cheek. We could write a list a mile long with silly summer blockbusters that rely on the same formulas that we all see and then say the same thing: "Why did I waste time and money on that!?" But the thing that makes Snakes On A Plane different is the fact that they're upfront with how ridiculous this all is! I love it!

You know when you see a minor car accident and you know you should just keep driving but you can't stop from rubbernecking? Or how you are completely aware the Jack In the Box Tacos might very well be the worst food on the planet, yet you love them so? Or staying up late playing X-Box is actually not that great of an idea anymore, but you do it anyway? This is the same dichotamy that Snakes On A Plane is for me.

I know it's stupid. I know it's a bad waste of human resources from the beginning of production to the hours and money spent by thousands of people. I know that it's mindless entertainment, 2 hours (well, 1 hour 46 minutes to be exact) I could have spent reading or volunteering at a shelter or....doing anything but watching this ridiculous movie!

Yet, I sort of want to see it again. At the very least, I'm anticipating the DVD for Christmas. *sigh* Oh, how shallow my nature.

Is this what Paul speaks of in Romans 7: 15? "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do." Am I way out of line for even drawing a comparison with the Apostle Paul and Snakes On A Plane? If I despise shallow crap and they way we live our lives but revel in seeing Snakes On A Plane, how does that add up?

For now, i'd reccomend Snakes On A Plane for anyone who wants a good laugh. Also, go here and send one to a friend.


Anonymous said...

Don't you say that, Adam Mustoe. Don't you say that "Jack in the Box Tacos might very well be the worst food on the planet . . . ." Jack in the Box tacos are a gift from God himself. So what if the grease drips from the corner of your mouth as you eat them? So what if you can feel your arteries clogging with every bite you take? Did God not intend for us to have some enjoyment on this earth?

You recognize that "you love them so[,]" and isn't that enough? Is not love enough to right all of the wrongs of the Jack in the Box taco? I can distill your point in this post down to the following: sometimes you like the things that you know you should not like.

the end.

-your friend who resides in the city of your car's namesake.

The Millers-Because we like it Original! said...

I watched that movie, and found it tongue in cheek as well. Which got me thinking-Cougars in a condo? Monkeys in a Mall? Sloths in a Snowcave....(I think that was made-Ice Age?) Good Stuff. I've been sitting laughing and nodding my head about your Jack in the Box, Xbox, and other comments hit home. It's bad to play Guitar hero III at 3:00 in the morning...but for the bliss of dusting Satan at Devil Went Down to Georgia.