Monday, August 07, 2006


Now that I have your attention, here is a thought provocing article regarding teens and sex.

This is relevant to me as a youth worker, but perhaps more just as a person living in the world. The article cites recent studies and asserts that the more young people listen to sexually charged music the more likely they are to start having sex.

Of course the Recording Industry Association of America refuses to comment, and the dude from the Hip-Hip Summit Action Network says they're just talking about "social and economic realities"; e.g. Kids have sex and the same kids spend lots of money buying music that talks about sex.

Let's not blame this on the record industry. They're just selling records with little social responsibility. I'd ban Kidz Bop before I banned Snoop Dogg, but thats another blog altogether. Maybe the problem is that parents don't teach their kids about the value of sex, Cosmo and Seventeen magazine do. Maybe the problem is that they find misguided phsyical and emotional satisfaction in empty shell relationships filled with sex because they don't find worth outside of that.

So do we burn all our secular CD's? No! But we do acknowledge that Nellie Furtatdo's latest single Promiscuous is number 3 on the iTunes singles chart and thats what kids listen to. I'll admit, it's catchy. Frankly, I wish it wasn't so dirty so I could jam to it in my car. So AS PARENTS of youth and PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT YOUTH we should inform them of the realities of sex, cause right now hip-hop is beating the crap out of us.

I guess i'll have to get rid of my Pussy Cat Dolls CD now huh?


rb6banjo said...

I saw the story on the news last night as well. It's not rocket science. I could've told them the answer before they ever spent a dime on the research. Parents have to get involved. It's up to us to ensure that our kids understand what sex is all about.

It might be time to repeat the "Sex in Christian Living" (or whatever we called it) class at EUMC! It's been a few years.

Alex W. said...

We had a discussion on that topic in my Psychology class this past school year. We (or at least the few of us who contributed to the discussion) agreed that the reason sex among teens is so rampant these days is mostly due to lack of parental guidance. In life a parent is going to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, influence on a child.

It seems to have happened that parents are avoiding the "awkward sex talk" and pawning it off on teacher's or administrators at schools. This in itself is the biggest travesty. Parents (now i'm not saying all parents because obviously there are many out there that do realize their responsibilities and act on it) need to stop and see that it is their responsibility to guide their children, not schools, not public figures, and not friends. Besides parents, friends are definitely going to be the biggest influence on kids.

I find it horrific that teen sex is now being blamed on hip-hop music of this day. I think it's time to stop playing the blame game and start accepting your responsibilities.

Brad said...

I think every high school priciple should have a manditory assembly during which they have sex with the oldest teacher in the school.

I garuntee those kids won't have sex for at least 10 years.


kara said...

I definitely agree. Sure, the music industry plays a big role in influencing people. For many, it defines who they are by what music they listen to or enjoy. But alternately, the music is more than likely a RESULT of lack of parental guidance, not a cause. Parents are just trying to excuse themselves from the responsibilities they haven't been accomplishing by blaming it on the music their children listen to.

Anonymous said...

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