Wednesday, February 22, 2006

$5.50 Bin Pt. 2

In order to clarify the terms and vernacular of the $5.50 bin, a couple basics need to be established. First of all, location: The $5.50 bin can be found near the electronics section at virtually every Wal-Mart in the country. Sometimes it’s near the DVD’s but often you’re almost in house-ware territory when you see the black fence-like encasement. Then there’s pronunciation: To truly communicate the unique aspects of the $5.50 bin it’s pronounced “fiveiftyben”. You can use this almost like a codeword to figure out if someone has experienced the magic or not. If they have to ask what you’re talking about, then you might as well just skip the whole thing. Before we continue it must be noted that some $5.50 bins are under the sign “2 for $11”. With some simple mathematic calculations it’s clear that you have indeed encountered a $5.50 bin. The whole “2 for 11” thing is just a ploy to entice you to spend more money. Rest assured, you may still proceed as to a more accurately labeled $5.50 bin. Now that we’ve established some basics, let us move forward.

The $5.50 bin is a place of mystery. Where did these DVD’s come from? Are they the ones that didn’t sell well and they’ve been demoted? Which “higher ups” (corporate positions) dictate which DVD’s will populate the $5.50 bin? What sorts of people actually buy some of these movies? Is there a truck that ships these DVD’s specifically to fill the $5.50 bin? Are they one’s that people have returned and subsequently deemed un-sellable at normal retail value? Did these DVD’s ever cost more than $5.50? Where do they go if they don’t sell in the $5.50 bin? Do the workers that stock the $5.50 bin get “first crack” at its contents? What if the workers are snatching up all the Chuck Norris movies? These are questions that are simply beyond the grasp of the $5.50 shopper. The true $5.50 master is not concerned with these questions, it does not matter from whence the DVD’s came, it only matters what is inside that bin, which might as well be made of gold.

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