Wednesday, February 22, 2006

$5.50 Bin Pt. 4

The $5.50 bin is a place of value. Your average new-release DVD is going to cost you about twenty bucks. After a couple of months it may drop down to a little under $15 dollars. This can be quite a conundrum especially for emerging adults (18-25) who are not exactly affluent when you consider the same age bracket craves entertainment perhaps more than any other generation. Enter the $5.50 bin. Let’s say one goes into Wal-Mart with a designated $17 for new DVD purchases. Why get one DVD for approximately 2 hours of entertainment when you can get three (!) for approximately six hours of entertainment? Clearly this could be a point of divergence for some, as this is a pro-quantity as opposed to quality argument; much like an all you can eat-pizza buffet offers perhaps a less quality product verses your more upscale pizza establishment, if there is such a thing. Nonetheless if you disagree go back and review the element of nostalgia in the $5.50 bin.

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