Friday, February 24, 2006


So, for the past couple weeks i've been in perpetual cell phone struggle. My old phone, purchased last summer was not functioning. The ear piece went out. So for about 2 weeks I was "speakerphone guy". It was awful. So finally I call Cingular and they send me a new phone. Thing is, THAT phone was busted too. So currently the count stands at TWO piece of trash phones. These jokers send you a "new" phone, only the "new" phone is actually a "refurbished certified" phone. In other words, someone else's former piece of trash phone that they've dressed up enough to send back to you.

This was simply unacceptable. I hate cell phone companies. I really do. I think Satan is incarnated as the president of Cingular. They lock you in for 2 years, and if you're unsatisfied with the service, too bad because you signed the contract. But then they treat you however they want because hey, you're gonna have to pay either way.

So I called customer service for the second week in a row. The ironic part is with the replacement phone, there was a slip of paper that said: "if you experience problems with your replacement phone call this number...." They actually anticipate you having problems with your "new" phone. Ugh.

I was nice the first time I called. Ya know, all I want is a phone that works. So once the phone to replace the piece of trash was infact an additional piece of trash that was it. I was gonna let somebody know my dis-satisfaction. I was going to be angry. I was going to fight back at the giant corporate dragon. Until the person I started talking to was actually a nice human being. Dangit.

So I explained my dilemma and made my plea simply for a phone that worked. I wanted to yell and cuss but that would have been innappropriate, kind of. The girl said that she would send me a third phone, and I explained how I didn't want a third piece of junk phone. It's not my fault these things are malfunctioning. Well, policy is that they won't give you a different make and model until the THIRD malfunctioning phone. THREE!!!! So that sent me off into a tangent of how our system of capitolism can be oppresive to consumers like me in the current situation I find myself.

Upon concluding my congenial conversation with this person on the other line, I explained how I had intended to "make somebody cry" and that I wanted to now yell at her boss, not her. After being on hold for a couple of minutes she comes back on and says her supervisor didn't want to talk to an angry customer and offered me an upgraded phone. Sweet!

So through sheer intimidation and perseverence (sp?) I got one for the good guys, the common man, the frustrated and overlooked cell phone customer.

Suddenly stiff corporate policy was maleable once I didn't let them walk all over me. Ugh. Well, i'll have a new phone soon. Call me!

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