Wednesday, February 22, 2006

$5.50 Bin Pt. 5

Now that we’re aware of the $5.50 bins most crucial components, let us move on to the gleaners, those that take from the $5.50 bin as a farmer carefully picks grapes from a vine. Basically there are three kinds of $5.50 shoppers, to be laid out a la Youngian archetypes:

Casual/Cynical: Most everyone goes to Wal-Mart and likes movies. However everyone likes a good bargain. So the $5.50 bin lends itself to all of humanity in at least one small way. So the casual/cynical shopper will at least pause and notice the $5.50 bin. However, they will turn up their nose based on the low price, unfairly assuming that since the movies are cheap than they must be of poor quality or low esteem. This is simply a misconception, nay, a biggotous stereotype that is the result of ignorance and lack of culturing. The casual/cynical shopper will rarely give much more consideration to the $5.50 bin than a simple glance at whichever movies happen to be on top.

Energetic/Optimistic: This $5.50 shopper may have started out as a casual/cynical shopper, but has seen the light through simple chance or through the encouragement of friends. Perhaps one evening while at an acquaintance’s house the former casual/cynical notices a DVD on the shelf that he/she is fond of and asks the owner naively—“Hey, where’d you get this?” Upon hearing the answer the now energetic/optimistic shopper is made aware to the potential joy of the $5.50 bin. The energetic/optimistic $5.50 shopper will dig deep into the bin, content just to be in the hunt. The energetic/optimistic shopper recognizes the potential of the $5.50 bin but is also conscious of the rarity of a true gem. He/she will always be hopeful that they will find “a diamond in the rough” to add to their collection, and not really be disappointed if they do not walk away with a purchase.

Determined/Fanatical: Upon months, even years of energetic/optimistic $5.50 shopping this person has became obsessed even possessed with the acquisition of high quality-low cost DVD’s. The determined/fanatical shopper can be identified upon their entrance into Wal-Mart as they walk with distinction towards the $5.50 bin choosing the most efficient path with a complete disregard for any other items they came to buy. Their heart rate may quicken, breathing patterns heighten, and in extreme cases the pupils may even become dilated. They may abandon the company of friends they came to Wal-Mart with, and in the saddest cases will even $5.50 shop alone. The determined/fanatical $5.50 shopper will not be denied a purchase and will go to extreme lengths to satiate their desire. This beastly perversion of a shopper will even go to multiple Wal-Marts in the same evening in order to taste the fruit of the $5.50 bin. Their DVD libraries are immense, filled with complete sets and obscure selections. The determined/fanatical shopper has been to the top of the $5.50 mountain, has seen the glory that lies therein, and will do whatever it takes to get to the top again.

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