Wednesday, February 22, 2006

$5.50 Bin Pt. 3

The $5.50 bin is a place of discovery. The same innate desire Columbus possessed that led him to the new world is of the same essence as a $5.50 shopper. What’s inside the bin changes regularly (which goes back to the aforementioned mystery) and there could be a movie you’ve been weighing the prospects of for years tucked away amongst the B-list foreign films or 1950s cartoon anthologies. A $5.50 shopper is akin to the hunter making an excursion to South Africa to hunt the wild game. The thrill of the pursuit is one that sustains the $5.50 shopper even on an unsuccessful venture. The satisfaction of finding the dark 1999 comedy Mystery Men could conceivably be a trophy for an entire year.

The $5.50 bin is a place of nostalgia. In each generation there are those movies that define, classics like Citizen Kane, The Godfather, Saturday Night Fever. For my generation that movie is Twins. A touching story of two brothers reunited enriched my spirit as a child. That spirit was rediscovered thanks to the $5.50 bin. Consider other such films which hark back to better, simpler times: Beverly Hills Cop I & II, Short Circuit, Crocodile Dundee I & II, The Never Ending Story, Batman: The Movie (starring Adam West . . . Wham! Etc . . .) and of course Major League II. These movies should have their proper place in the pantheon of film, yet they have been forsaken and damned to the $5.50 bin next to 88cent gobstoppers. The $5.50 shopper realizes this travesty, and rescues these timeless films from the bowels of garage sales and pawn shops; forever preserving their memory and contributions to the collectors life by enshrining them in their own personal DVD library.

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