Sunday, April 13, 2008

Birthday Rundown

9:30- got up, microwaved some leftover pizza hut
10:00- headed to the Galleria, where they have the only store that sells "XXL" cardinals hats, bought one.
11:45- ate a wonderful birthday lunch with Sarah's fam, well, our fam
2:00- went to the mall, bought some shoes
4:00- got a much needed haircut and beard trim
5:00- headed down to the pageant
6:00-7:45- enjoyed time talking with Sarah and defending saved seats (she's good at it)
8:00-11:00- saw "Hayden" and Feist. Feist's show was stunning. Her voice is like a true instrument. I thought it would be cool and I would feel artsy, but at the risk of being cheesy, at one point I was quite moved at the beauty of the music. Had some other friends there as well, which was really great.
11:30-12am- Post-show Q'Doba.

A great ending to a great birthday. Calls and texts were received intermittently, I feel loved!


Professor RJ Gumby said...

Belated happy birth day! Thanks for your great work and your willingness to put up with all my boomer rants.

May God give you wisdom as you get older, and do one better than he did with Solomon - keep you properly humble as you get more wise.

Adam Caldwell said...

you need to change your profile

Andy B. said...

What a great day to be born, brother!