Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Expelled: What is all comes down to

(anyone else start singing Alanis Morrisette when they read that?)

In my third post about Expelled I want to lay out what I believe is the crux of human existence. The battle of pride.

To me, perhaps the hardest element of Christianity is submission- to someone else's will over your own. Isn't this the definition of Love? So part of what is essential to being a Christian is to submit to Christ's kingship, to lay down your pride and admit that you're not in charge- to in fact accept and behave as if are accountable to more than just yourself, that you can't just do whatever you want. I think we see this evident in the first temptation: to be like God.

But to the naturalist this is not so. There is no design to the universe other than a cold, relentless 'natural' process. Odd that nothing set this order in place, that it just is; and that elsewhere in science do we not see order emerging out of disorder.

To me this has very clear moral implications. Without God, you can do whatever you want. When you ascribe to atheist dogma (see: The Dawkins Delusion) then you can pick and choose what your ethics will be based on emotion, pragmatism (whatever works), or randomness.

I will resist quoting C.S. Lewis ad nauseum here. But to me, this is the essential divide in worldview: either there IS order in the universe, and thus, right and wrong or there is NOT and you should stop reading this blog and go do whatever you feel like. I believe a big reason people subscribe to option number two is that pride doesn't like the implications of the first.

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