Thursday, April 03, 2008

Life ≠ HGTV

So you know on all those home improvement shows how they make it look so easy and everything seems to just go so fast?

Thats not how life works.

We've been working for 2 weeks straight getting our new youth room situated. Man, sometimes it is slow going. Everytime we go to Home Depot it never seems to take less than 2 hours. I know I don't know jack about tools. But I also know not to try and work at a home depot.

I guess theres something to be said about slow goings sometimes. It will definitely pay off. But things don't just magically come together like on the shows where all the lady designers wear heels and the guys are all models with flowing hair. In reality, you go to home depot for a certain steel beam, they tell you they don't have it. Then you search around in defiance of the 88 year old dude. Then you go to Lowe's and spend an hour looking around and asking there. They have it. Then the next day you go to Home Depot for something else and see the thing you were looking for the day before. Thats how real life works.

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Dustin said...

I feel you. We just got a new youth room too and once it was built I was literally given a $0 budget to decorate and get it ready. That was about a month ago and now we have 4 couches, a surfboard, and some 8x10 images of the youth. Trust me, it's not awesome (yet).