Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Brief Check In

College basketball is awesome. Tonights game was definitely a classic. OT! (Sarah asked me once in an effort to connect with me through sports, if when they go in to double overtime if they call it "dot" for short. My response "....no". She was trying though!) So to my friend Lee, congradulations. I'm pretty sure you won't read this, but my picking Georgetown to upset KU didn't pan out to well.

Also, we had our first Sunday in the new building on Sunday. It was awesome, more on that another time.

Another also, I turn 24 on Saturday. More on that later as well.



Anonymous said...

How many more days until that wedding.

Is Sarah going to be a "basketball" wife

Adam said...

Hello Helen,

Roughly 70 days. Wow!

I'm not sure what "basketball" wife means, if you're asking will she be practically be left without choice to at least endure watching sporting events that she would otherwise never find herself viewing or discussing then the answer is yes!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the wedding and also on that new church building.

Both of us here are CARDINAL baseball fans, college football fans, college basketball fans---and I am the one that sits and watches all.