Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Book Review>The Most Important Year In a Woman's/Man's Life

Well, emails are being sent, google spreadsheets are being created, websites are up and running, and I'm reading pre-marital books. Its absolutely crazy. After being engaged for close to a year and a half we're gonna do this thing!

This book was excellent. The format is kind of cool. It's written by two couples but the narrative is as if primarily one person is talking. The two husbands write for the men, and the wives write for the ladies. The book is "a two-in-one, flip-over-format volume aimed at newlywed Christian couples." One side for grooms, one side for brides. It was very cool.

Sarah and I found that this book was a good balance of practicality and theology. Personally, I found a lot of the couples/marriage books at borders to be almost nauseating. I gravitated towards the more abstract principals important in marriage, and Sarah wanted to make sure things were concrete and practical. This book does both well.

I would recommend this for any newly wedded or about to be newly wedded people. The authors are down to Earth, not to cheesy, and very frank about things. The discussion was very much rooted in scripture, but you don't have to know how to spell "hermeneutics" to keep up.

There is also a section in the middle for couple to go through together. All in all, a very well conceived book that was very well executed. Even someone as flawless as me learned at least a little something.

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Adam Caldwell said...

I would have pegged you as one of the last persons to be anti-intellectualism which seems to be where you are heading. (no pun intended...or was it)