Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogalogue- Ehrman and Wright

Saw this today (ht: Jake Bouma)a back and forth blog posting between Bart Ehrman (professor, author of God's Problem/Misquoting Jesus)and N.T. Wright (bishop, author of Surprised By Hope/Simply Christian).

More on this to come, a couple weeks ago I picked up Ehrman's book and am about 80 pages in.


tdi said...

are your youth reading erhman? ugh. or are you just reading this to see what he has to say this time?

Adam said...

i don't think any youth are reading his stuff, i was just intrigued by what the premise of the book was. i think students probably are asking some of the same questions, but i hope coming to different conclusions.

tdi said...

yeah man, have you read surprised by hope yet?

if not, we could read it together, at least then i might have something to blog about...

anyways, it looks good. i was checking it out in borders today.