Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The JP3 Factor

I really hope this summers Indiana Jones installment doesn't ruin the series. Sort of like...

Jurassic Park 3- not even an hour and a half long. Shouldn't have gone to the well for The Lost World, not to mention another time after that. Ugh.

Back to the Future III- This one was rough for me. The whole wild west thing didn't really work. Again, it felt contrived even as an 8 year old.

Star Wars, all of the new ones- Hayden and a terrible script almost wrecked my favorite childhood memories of pretending I had a light saber and almost wearing out the original trilogy VHS tapes; something I never would have thought possible.

Batman & Robin/Batman Forever- As a kid, loved them. It was Batman! But the box set that I own reminded me of how bad those last two were. Batman Begins redeemed the franchise for the next 15 years, yes! Nice recovery.

So here's hoping that Lucas pulls together a quality film, so he doesn't ruin one of the best franchises in movie history, and certainly one of my top favorite movies. I remember Temple of Doom scarring the crap out of me as a child...and adolescent, and still pride myself on my impression of the scary heart ripping out guy with the horns and painted face.

So the Jurassic Park 3 factor is when Hollywood gets greedy and cranks out a terrible film that is simply riding the coat tails of true greatness but only is a hollow shell. Can't wait to find out if Indy can avoid this great danger.

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